My birth name is Brandon, but I go by "Wormwood."

I was born in Alaska and raised by a family that was dedicated to life in the outdoors. When I moved to Arizona in 2006 I quickly fell into backpacking and never let it go. What began as a hobby became my drive in life, and to this day it's what keeps me moving forward. 

I started thru hiking in 2011 when I walked the Arizona Trail, and at the time I expected it to be my only long distance trail. But thru hiking captured my heart, and in the past eight years I've designed my life around the trail. When I'm away from the trail I seek out ways to share the experiences that I've had out there under the stars. This site is a step towards sharing my thru hiking experiences with the world. 

Completed Thru Hikes

Continental Divide Trail


3,000+ miles along the "Spine of the Continent" stretching from Mexico to Canada via the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. 


500 miles of high elevation mountains stretching from Durango to Denver. Often cited as mile-per-mile the most beautiful trail in North America. 

Colorado Trail Logo.jpg
Colorado Trail Logo.jpg

Colorado Trail


Tahoe Rim Trail



165 miles around the mountainous rim of Lake Tahoe. 

PCT Logo.jpeg
PCT Logo.jpeg

Pacific Crest Trail 


2,650 miles from the US/Mexico border to the US/Canada border traveling through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. 

Arizona Trail


AZT Logo.jpeg
AZT Logo.jpeg

800 miles through the deserts, planes, forests, and mountains of Arizona stretching from the US/Mexico border to the Arizona/Utah border. 


Recent Posts, Essays, & Articles


Future Thru Hikes

There are a lot of trails in the world, and many of them have drawn my attention as I've become more involved in thru hiking. Far from complete, this is a short list of the trails that I find myself dreaming about from time to time. 



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