• Brandon A. Kelone

Pacific Crest Trail Diary 15: Day 102 (Timberline Lodge, OR)

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

I don't have the ability to write much now, so I'll be extremely brief. Mostly these will just be notes for myself to expand upon later. 

-Severe foot issues. The worst pain that I've experienced on trail. I'm worried about nerve damage. They hurt all day, then start to go numb at the end of each day. Advil only does so much. Very concerned about this. 

-Severe anxiety. I cannot explain this fully, but it is making it difficult for me to continue. On the verge of panic through much of the day. Having trouble relating to other hikers, and no hope to relate to non-hikers. Having to deal with some things that my brother did on trail that I learned about from other hikers. I'm really upset by his actions.

-Losing energy. My body has lost about 30lbs of muscle. My back and shoulders are in pain as a result. Hard to keep my posture up. Starting to develop an issue in my right hip and my right knee and my right ankle. Very exhausted all day long. Hard to get up in the morning. 

-Very worried about reintegration after the trail.

-The breakfast this morning was exquisite. 

-Want to plow forward to Canada. I'm done with the hike emotionally; I'm over it and I need rest. I need to melt. 

-That's all I can post right now. 


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